Kim Fauskee is the consummate professional. His level of knowledge in business is only surpassed by his love for people and assisting in their success. His passion for what he does and his way of looking at life, business and sport make him a perfect fit for any athlete looking not only for success now, but success for the future.

I’ve had the incredible privilege of getting to know Kim on a personal level and there just aren’t many people like him out there. I know, with 100% certainty, that my life has been enriched both on and off the field due to my relationship with Kim.

Matthias Farley 
NFL Safety | Indianapolis Colts


By chance I crossed paths with Kim Fauskee. Neither of us knowing each other’s backgrounds, we struck up a comfortable conversation. When Kim asked what I did, somewhat embarrassed I shared with him I am in a sales role, and that I had yet to feel proud of my new title after representing our country in 3 Olympic games.Kim quickly gathered that I was not thrilled about the direction my new career was going. Being incredibly approachable, Kim squashed any intimidation that came along with the question, “so, then what?”

Kim Fauskee is the support you want on your team to problem solve, strategize, and confidently take steps in the right direction for you!

Kami Craig 
3x Olympian | 2x Gold Medalist and Silver Medalist

Seeking assistance as an entrepreneur can be difficult. With the varied options and multitude of categories it can be hard to pin down exactly what you need and you may find your self stuck not even knowing where to start. Kim Fauskee is the go to man on where you need to start if you are seeking any form of assistance in the business world. His seasoned knowledge on varied subject matters came in handy when I decided that I needed to change directions for my business and he helped create focus and direction, where I had none before. Hi strategies, guidance and counsel are based on genuine life experiences and he has a profound database of knowledge on an endless array of personal and business matters. It is without reservation and with the most sincere sense of gratitude that I highly recommend Kim Fauskee and his professional line of services.

Jennifer Berger 
Residential Investment Advisor / Realtor

I place a lot of value in mentorship. Hence, I’ve worked with a lot of consultants during my ten year career as a small business owner. Of them all, I find Kim Fauskee to have the most well rounded approach to personal development. He understands that helping people find the meaning and purpose behind what they do is the most important piece. When we got to the point of understanding that, the rest came together with utmost clarity. Kim helps me navigate the waters of interpersonal relationships; both professionally and personally. He’s enthusiastic and positive at times that I really need a pick-me-up. My business and livelihood would not be on the positive path it’s on now without him.

Eric Malzone 
Fitness Marketing Alliance

I’ve known Kim since I was a student athlete at the University of Notre Dame. Kim has been a constant confidant, mentor and educator. He has provided me business and life guidance during my playing career while developing a game plan for my post football life. I appreciate and value Kim’s involvement and friendship, but most importantly, knowing he has my back.

Bennett Jackson, Jr. 
Defensive Back / Safety. Baltimore Ravens

Kim first helped me clarify my goals and vision for my business life in the coming years. Next he helped me map out the various methods to get to where I wanted to go. Then Kim kept me pointed in the right direction and moving forward while measuring my progress. I owe him a great debt of gratitude.

Kevin Bourke CFP® ChFC 
Bourke Wealth Management

After completing my MBA, I was struggling with the realities and frustrations of trying to find an opportunity with an employer that would accentuate my strengths while providing me an opportunity to grow and advance in my career. I was lucky enough to be referred to Kim and he immediately put me at ease with his knowledge and demeanor. While working with Kim, I was able to re-frame my thought process, learn practical and purposeful business acumen not taught to me in grad school, and gain the confidence I needed to land a dream opportunity I was looking for within six weeks of our initial meeting. I’m not only happy to call him a mentor, but a friend as well. I cannot recommend Kim enough for anyone seeking a new direction, a new perspective, or a new charge professionally or personally.

Andrew Beck 
Patamar Capital

I have met many advisors who just didn’t “get” what I was needing. I was burned out from all of the “advice” given and felt I really didn’t want to waste anymore time bringing the advisors up to speed. Then I met with Kim Fauskee! Working with Kim has been beneficial to my company by helping me understand the bigger picture, and how I can bring Funky Pet Zones to the next level. He was professional, engaged, and really listened to my concerns. I appreciated his fresh perspective, straightforward yet thoughtful assessments, and tactical plan for moving ahead. It really felt like he just “got” what I needed, and did’t waste my time! I highly recommend Kim to any business ready for action!

Shanna Spencer 
CEO - Funky Pet Zones


Kim stepped in to help my company, RISE Athletes, when we needed it the most and he did so without hesitation. We were hosting an event in Santa Barbara, and he assisted with everything from outreach, apparel creation, feedback, news station setup, and day-of assistance. Wow, is all I have to say. He did so with an open heart and an eager mind. He was fantastic, consistent, and strategic. We felt supported in the development of this event and I wish we could have Kim help us all over the nation, that is for sure!

I recommend Kim to anyone looking for someone that is intuitive, outgoing, wise, strategic, and goal-oriented. He is one of a kind special.

Olympian, Co-Founder + COO | RISE Athletes

Kim has helped me tremendously with business strategy, blending work with life, reducing stress, increasing revenue, feeling supported and heard, and not feeling like your island by yourself! The accountability and support is priceless. Not only does he have one on one meetings with you, but he always researching outside of meetings and helping you behind the scenes whether it is finding new partnerships, research and development, or connecting you with someone to increase value in your business.

Cassie Brungarth 
President at Cassie's Cardinals LLC

I met Kim as I was gearing up for a new business venture. His expertise and advice gave me direction to push forward and look at my business from all angles. Most importantly he taught me how to navigate my internal talk, to be focused on a positive solutions based mentality. He also tied me into his community of high achieving professionals. There I gained priceless connections with like minded people. I highly recommend Kim as an advisor whether you’re starting a new business or looking to achieve more with your current!

Wesley Wilson
Founder of the Knotty Roller

Kim’s coaching has been instrumental in helping me to: find the courage to finally become an entrepreneur (something I have wanted to do for years), build confidence in my ability to develop a business from the ground up, utilize my passion to enroll others in to my vision. Kim’s wealth of experience and knowledge as a professional coach and trainer have enabled him to provide strategic business advice, introductions to key industry partners & provide tools to assist me in overcoming challenges. His positive approach techniques have not only showed dividends in my abilities as a leader within a startup but have been transcended to my fellow founders as well. I appreciate the courage and confidence I have developed from working with Kim these past months and I am positive they will help ensure my success as a new founder/ entrepreneur. Kim gave me the courage to start something I have always dreamed of doing and gave me the tools and coaching needed to be successful. I will forever be grateful for his belief in me and for all his support throughout this journey.
Jade P

Success is not a solo act.

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